What are the benefits of being a member of FTA Europe?

As part of a European trade association, you and your members can really benefit by being part of FTA Europe, in order to promote your organisation on a international stage.  We are here to help you as an association and the members you represent in your industry.


At a European Level

  • Be part of a common voice for your members and promote the work you do in your region
  • Engage across countries on critical issues from lobbying, education and skills, research and testing to funding
  • Maximise networking and knowledge sharing opportunities with European peers
  • Raise your profile and promote your association logo at all FTA Europe events
  • Promote your association logo on the FTA Europe website
  • Establish frameworks and standards for the wider Flexo market
  • Collaborate on cross-industry competencies to strengthen Flexo’s position
  • Access a broader range of topical information and technical support


  • Showcase your members’ talents as part of the European Flexo Print Co.

How do you become a member of FTA Europe?

To become a member of FTA Europe, your company has to be a national flexo association.

Please send an e-mail notifying the Secretariat of your interest to info@fta-europe.eu. The FTA Europe board will take your request for membership in consideration.