On 5 May 2022, FTA Europe organised the fourth edition of the Diamond Awards, in Milan, Italy. The Diamond Awards celebrate excellence in flexography, by awarding the best flexo products in Europe. Our awards not only celebrate the best of the best, but bring the flexo-community together.

FTA Europe and 370 guests from the flexo industry celebrated the top printers in Europe, by attending the Diamond Awards 2022, on 5 May, at UNA Hotels Expo Fiera Milano, in Milan, Italy.

The winners of the 14 categories were awarded with a beautiful Diamond, and were chosen amongst 120 entries of excellent flexo works. Diamond Awards’ finalists are winners of national flexo competitions and specifically the national Awards of ATEF (ES), ATF Flexo (FR), ATIF (IT), EFTA Benelux and FIA UK. This makes the printers participating in the Diamond Awards truly the top printers in Europe and beyond. Indeed, this year’s awards reached flexo excellence beyond Europe’s borders, as in the “International” category we had the opportunity to see three countries outside Europe; Brazil, Australia and USA.

The fourth edition of the Awards welcomed a record high number of guests, with 370 people joining all over Europe. Anne De Baetzelier has been our wonderful presenter for the evening, which ended with our guests dancing to a fun DJ set accompanied with percussions.

The Diamond for the “Best in Show” was awarded one of Italy’s winners, Scatolificio Ceriana for their work Aurilis Group Italia – SC51 Scatola Portabici Green Valley.

Congratulations to the winners of the FTA Europe Diamond Awards 2022!

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The Diamond Awards would not be possible without the support of our generous sponsors. Thank you all for supporting the flexo community!

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