Intergraf and FTA Europe have published their joint Guide to Applying Food Contact Materials Legislation. The guide is aimed at printing and converting companies making printed food contact materials. FTA Europe partnered with Intergraf, the association representing the European graphical sector, to create a guide to the applicable legislation and the basic legal requirements for food packaging printers.

The guide brings together all legal requirements and should be viewed as the essential best practice advice for printers to follow, especially in the absence of a clear and harmonised legal framework. Currently, the European Commission is reviewing all legislation applicable to food contact materials and will present new legislation in 2022.

All producers throughout the food contact material supply chain must fulfil their obligations under EU and national rules. With this in mind, the guide provides an ordered checklist, as well as templates for the all-important declaration of compliance (by substrate) which you are very welcome to use.

View the guide here:

This guide is publicly available on the FTA Europe website:

Intergraf and FTA Europe Guide to Applying Food Contact Materials Legislation (version 1.1: June 2021)

Webinar on Applying Food Contact Materials Legislation

Intergraf and FTA Europe organised a free Webinar on Applying Food Contact Materials Legislation, on 3 December 2021. As the European Commission is expected to present new legislation in 2022, the topic of FCMs is now more relevant than ever.

This webinar gave an overview of the EU food contact materials legislation (as well as what to expect in the future), along with helpful information on how to use the Intergraf and FTA Europe joint Guide to Applying Food Contact Materials Legislation. Intergraf presented the policy framework around FCMs and Italo Vailati, Vice Director of Assografici presented more in detail the contents of our guidance document.