We are pleased to report that the inaugural FTA Europe Diamond Awards ceremony was held at the Hyatt Hotel in Dusselsdorf, 2nd June 2016, during the Drupa exhibition and has proved to be a great success.

More than 230 like-minded individuals from across the European flexographic community came together to celebrate the best of flexography. 

It was an ideal opportunity to celebrate this vibrant and competitive industry whilst providing a perfect forum for colleagues to network.

FTA Europe would like to congratulate all entrants to our awards for their own national success.  First place Diamond awards were won by Coveris, DS Smith, Minova Labels, Clondalkin Harlingen, Interflex Group, Interket Limited, Sac Emballages, Toppazzini and Emin Leydier Emballage.

This year’s Best in Show was awarded to DS Smith Germany for their pre-printed liner produced for Henkel.

This was a special first event and FTA Europe would like to thank all those who participated and congratulations again to all the winners.  We look forward to a very exciting year ahead.

For further information please contact us at lconti@intergraf.eu or admin@efia.uk.com.