On Wednesday, 11th November, sector operators gathered in Bologna for the traditional technical meeting on flexographic printing, characterized this year by the coincidence with the awarding of the BestInflexo 2015 prize, by a participation even beyond expectations, by an evident growing interest on the part of printers and by the confirmation of interest also of an international audience.

Flexo Day 2015 took place on the day after the evening of the awarding of prizes of the first edition of BestinFlexo, the winners of which were again celebrated both through a show featuring the entries in nomination and thanks to the screening of a video about the prize.

Nearly 370 persons were registered at this edition of Flexo Day, a sign of growing interest in the themes dealt with.

As usual, the proceedings were opened by President Sante Conselvan, who furnished an effective survey of the state of health of flexography and took the opportunity to illustrate the activities that ATIF promotes to make flexographic printing “a flexo for all.”

The two reports that followed dealt with the theme of matrixes. The first, delivered by Mauro Lussignoli and Sergio Molino for ATIF, illustrated the new ATIF document on flexographic plates soon to be published.

A complete and up-to-date text is involved, fruit of the experience of the association’s technical committee, which covers all the technologies available today for plate making, from flat-top plates to direct engraving with reference to international standards.

The second, illustrated by Stefano d’Andrea for ATIF, focused in detail on no less than nine different technologies for obtaining flat-head flexographic plates that make it possible to enhance the quality of the printing, guaranteeing greater stability to the flexographic process.

The three sponsors (premium and gold) of this year – Biessse, ETS International and BST Eltromat – likewise made interesting statements on the latest developments in the sector, providing the numerous audience with useful points, including of a technical nature.

The afternoon was one of great international scope, featuring the addresses of Mark Cisternino, President of FTA US, who made a special trip for the purpose from the United States together with collaborator Joe Tuccitto, Director of Training of FTA US.

The world flexographic market is evolving, above all in the segment of food packaging and common consumer goods, following directions dictated by ever increasingly more attentive and demanding consumers.

Cisternino illustrated how the American technical flexography Association has acted as an interpreter of these trends vis-à-vis the associated American flexo printers, translating the new challenges into opportunities to stimulate a profitable growth of the flexographic division.

Tuccitto instead provided a more technical contribution, summarizing the fundamental points that allow correctly managing the process of optimization, fingerprint and characterization of the flexographic print system by following the FIRST 5.1 specifications and the Flexographic Principles and Practices guidelines. These documents have become a fundamental reference for the flexographic industry, and the latest editions have been updated with the most recent references to international standards and printing methods with a range extended to 7 colours.

Federico Mazza of Tetra Pak Italia closed Flexo Day 2015 by presenting the case history of the plant of Rubiera (RE), illustrating the best practices implemented to pursue a quality production under control. The quality of the production is the fruit of a process of study, applied research and steady implementation that has made it possible for Tetra Pak to achieve important objectives in recent years.

Mazza illustrated the path followed to date that has led to the rationalization of the process in accordance with internal standards in line with the normative provisions of the sector, making mention of the next steps that will accompany the firm toward a steady improvement of the process.

The Flexo Day appointment of Salerno will repropose part of the contents of Bologna to the operators of Central and Southern Italy.

For further information and pictures of the event please contact: Monica Scorzino scorzino@atif.it – Tel. +39 249 810 51.