Welcome to our series of guest blogs from key flexo industry players. In this edition, Silvia Casellato, Market Manager for Flexo at Lohmann, discusses not only the Diamond Awards, but also the strength of the flexo industry showcased recently.

Flexo printing is going strong.

The tried-and-tested print technology has made tremendous developments over the past ten years and its future is looking bright. In Europe alone, it is the fasted growing and largest sector in print. Lohmann has been part of this journey for the past decades, supporting their partners and customers in the industry with adhesive tape solutions and tools covering the entire printing process. Their well-established DuploFLEX® range offers splicing tapes for the specific application and plate mounting tapes with various foam hardness levels, allowing for the perfect fit when it comes to individual requirements in print jobs. Addressing common challenges of the printing process e.g. edge-lifting, they also provide tools for plate pre-treatment, like the DuploFLEX® Corona Pen. But the heart of Lohmann’s bonding philosophy is assisting customers from start to finish. With flexo being part of their DNA, it fits perfectly to call “FLEXperts” the international supporting team.

“This is one of the reasons why the FTA Europe along with the Diamond Awards are so important to us”, explains Silvia Casellato, Market Manager for Flexo at Lohmann. “We are not only true fans of flexo – we are proud to see our customers succeed, with our products and our support through the printing process playing a part in the quality of their prints!”

The FTA Europe, as an association of national flexographic printing associations, was founded only six years ago, in 2015. It represents the interests of the industry and offers its members a platform for exchange and growth. During the troubled times of Corona, the organization turned their “Diamond Awards” ceremony, honoring the best international results in flexographic printing, into an online format.

“We are proud gold sponsors of the Diamond Awards and were very happy to take part in this year’s virtual event. Even though we had to keep our distance, we still felt the strong sense of coming together, the local turn global, as it were”, says Silvia. “Our FLEXperts, too, explored new forms of communication with our customers during these times, whenever it was not possible to meet in person. Of course, this was only possibly because our partners, too, were very open and flexible – we are very thankful for that and truly think: We are stronger together.”

A small glimpse into the future of the flexo industry and more specifically at Lohmann’s next enterprises, also reveals a positive outlook. With the industry moving towards ever more sustainable and eco-friendly products, Lohmann’s FLEXperts are right on the same path: “With our latest technology innovation TwinMelt®, we are starting to create products that face the environmental challenges of our times. One step is the latest addition to our DuploFLEX® range, DuploFLEX® GRIP”, Silvia Casellato explains. 

You want to learn more about Lohmann’s FLEXperts? This way please: https://flexperts.lohmann-tapes.com/en

For more information on TwinMelt®, follow this link: www.lohmann-tapes.com/twinmelt-en