Intergraf and FTA Europe have published their joint Guide to Applying Food Contact Materials Legislation. The guide is aimed at printing and converting companies making printed food contact materials. FTA Europe partnered with Intergraf, the association representing the European graphical sector, to create a guide to the applicable legislation and the basic legal requirements for food packaging printers.

The guide brings together all legal requirements and should be viewed as the essential best practice advice for printers to follow, especially in the absence of a clear and harmonised legal framework. Currently, the European Commission is reviewing all legislation applicable to food contact materials and will present new legislation in 2022.

All producers throughout the food contact material supply chain must fulfil their obligations under EU and national rules. With this in mind, the guide provides an ordered checklist, as well as templates for the all-important declaration of compliance (by substrate) which you are very welcome to use.

View the guide here:

This guide is publicly available on the FTA Europe website:

Intergraf and FTA Europe Guide to Applying Food Contact Materials Legislation (version 1.1: June 2021)

Webinar on Applying Food Contact Materials Legislation

Intergraf and FTA Europe organised a free Webinar on Applying Food Contact Materials Legislation, on 3 December 2021. As the European Commission is expected to present new legislation in 2022, the topic of FCMs is now more relevant than ever.

This webinar gave an overview of the EU food contact materials legislation (as well as what to expect in the future), along with helpful information on how to use the Intergraf and FTA Europe joint Guide to Applying Food Contact Materials Legislation. Intergraf presented the policy framework around FCMs and Italo Vailati, Vice Director of Assografici presented more in detail the contents of our guidance document.



The Webinar on Applying Food Contact Materials Legislation organised by FTA Europe and Intergraf on 3 December 2021 has been a successful online event, with 70 people from all over Europe (and beyond) tuning in to discover the scenery in EU legislation and learn more about the Guide on Applying Food Contact Materials Legislation.


FTA Europe represents the common interests of the European flexographic printing industry

FTA Europe represents the common interests of the European flexographic printing industry. Our members are Europe’s national associations, of which flexo companies are members. We are flexo companies’ European family and platform for growth. Flexography is a direct rotary relief printing system predominantly used within the packaging industry that offers both high quality and extreme versatility in the production of any sort of packages, from labels to flexible films, paper, cardboard and corrugated carton. Flexo is the single largest printing process in Europe and is a fast-growing sector. The valued output of the flexo printing industry is €39.2 billion. Learn more about our industry here.

Exploring Essential Components of Flexo Printing: Flexbinar Series 2024

FTA Europe is excited to communicate about a series of educational webinars delving into various aspects of flexo printing technology. Flexbinar’s goal is to enhance knowledge across all working levels within the industry.

Stay tuned to our website for announcements regarding these webinars. Your active participation is essential in cultivating a more profound understanding of the technology propelling our industry forward.


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The FTA Europe Flexo Best Practice Toolbox is an innovative guide to flexographic printing, helping printers achieve a predictable result on the press every time. FTA Europe, which represents the common interests of the European flexo industry, identified the need for a go-to document for printers and created the Toolbox as part of the association’s work on training and education.

This project is a core area of the association’s activities – the broader purpose of which is to advance the interests of the flexo industry by representing and acting as the voice of the flexo industry across Europe and the EU institutions in Brussels.

EFTA Benelux President Roel Seele, a founding member of FTA Europe, interviewed the project manager Wim Buyle, Vice-President of FTA Europe and Vice Chairman of EFTA Benelux, to discover more about this new eBook.

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On Wednesday, 11th November, sector operators gathered in Bologna for the traditional technical meeting on flexographic printing, characterized this year by the coincidence with the awarding of the BestInflexo 2015 prize, by a participation even beyond expectations, by an evident growing interest on the part of printers and by the confirmation of interest also of an international audience.

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